Hey Twitch Streamer!

Thanks for being interested in testing our new Ready Games Twitch Extension!

The Ready Games Extension (RGE) is a great way to retain your audience when you go on break.

With the RGE installed, your audience can play a fun mini game on their phones and see the leaderboard in real time on your stream. You pick the game, when it starts and ends, and even an optional prize for the winning players!

To participate in our early tester program, fill out this Google Form and we’ll get in touch with you from there.

Sample Games

Got some questions? Well, here’s a FAQ for you. 👍

What is the Ready Games Extension?

The Ready Games Extension (RGE) displays a real time leaderboard of scores in a Ready Game.

Why would I want to use the RGE?

This is a retention tool to keep your audience from leaving when you go on break. The audience has a mini game contest they can participate in using the RGE while you’re away. They compete in a simple mini game, using their phone. The leaderboard appears as a panel in your stream.

What does my audience need to do to participate?

Three things:

  1. They need to have installed and registered with the The Ready Games app on their iPhone or Android device. Link

  2. When the game starts, they’ll enter a “Secret Game Code” into the The Ready Games app, and load a mini game just for your audience.

  3. PLAY!

OK, I’m interested. What do I do next?

You fill out a Google Form with some info, and we take it from there! Link

Come on, tell me more!

  • You’ll pick a game you like from a list of 9 games.

  • You can preview the games on your phone and decide which one is your favorite.

  • Then you tell us what time you want the game to start and end, and we’ll set those rules.

  • Before the game starts, you install the Ready Games Extension to your profile. Based on the information you gave us, we do all the configuring.

  • When your game goes live (and you head on break), tell your audience to enter a Secret Game Code with this format “Twitch-TwitchID where TwitchID is your TwitchID. So for example, if your ID is streamerstar, the code would be twitch-streamerstar.

  • Once the code is entered, presto the game loads on the phone!

  • When the game ends, you resume your broadcast.

  • If you have an existing sponsor(s) for your stream, you can potentially integrate prizing with your sponsor. For example, the Top 20 scores will get a gift card from your sponsor. This is a great engagement tool.

Wow, I like to read. So what’s the Ready Games anyway?

  • The Ready Games is like HQ Trivia, but for playing original mini games on your phone.

  • A new original mini game drops every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  • You practice as much as you want.

  • But you only get 1 shot at the official scoreboard, so you better make it count!

  • The top 20% of players split a cash prizes. Usually $1,000 per game.

  • Ready produced over 130 original mini games in the last six months, making it one of the most prolific mobile game studios in the world!

  • The games are powered by Unity3D. So you’re running a turbo-charged native game experience on mobile- no rinky HTML5!

Sounds cool, but how do I know it doesn’t SUCK?

Well, ask the people!

  • 4.8 Stars on iTunes from 1800+ people.

  • 4.6 Stars on Play Store from 500+ people.

  • We have crazy engagement and retention. If you follow this kind of thing, our Day 30 retention is 51%. The best performing mobile games are typically 6% on Day 30.