We help creators make money by playing games with their community

Make $1 per PLAYER

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Setup in less than 3 minutes & play 48h after that

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Start with as little as 15 viewers no minimum payout.

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No cost to you ever. We take no fees.

How it works


Select the game you want to play with your audience.


Enter your details and pick you time slot and duration.


Promote the game once its live to get as many people playing.


Get paid $1 for every person that plays using your code.


Get started

Select the game you want to play from the dropdown below:

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-All users must be real users. We have good fake user detection tech.

-Game start date will be a minimum of 2 business days after request date.

-Max Payout per game 5K

-For larger audiences we will provide $100 extra in player prize money.

-Players must be in the USA and CANADA

-Must have ONE of the following:

  • Youtube: 50 Subscribers

  • Live Streamer (eg. Twitch): 5 avg concurrent viewership

  • Instagram: 200 Followers

  • Twitter: 200 Followers

-Payments will be sent monthly along with a report of the number of signups.  

-All payments made via PayPal


-We will make you a custom game with you in it.

-Offer your top players up to $500 prize on us.

-Offer customizable prizes.

-Get a stand alone android version of your game.

-Get your custom game featured on the Ready games community for 48h

-To qualify you must have one of the following:

  • Youtube:  200,000 subscribers or 500k monthly avg views 

  • Live Streamer (eg. Twitch): 500+ avg concurrent viewership

  • Instagram: 100,000 followers or 1000+ avg likes

  • Twitter: 50,000 followers + active user engagement 

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